Paper bags

You can order paper bags with your preferred image, brand logo or text

Printing cost


1. Log in to our site

To register you just need to fill in your details and create a personal page where you can always keep track of your orders and order history.

2. Choose the product

From the Printing section you must find the product (s) you want to order. Enter the quantity, quality and other options.

3. Upload your ready files

If you have design-friendly files, just upload to our site and follow the steps below.

4. If you do not have ready files

In the "We’ll make your design" section fill in the relevant information and our designers will gladly prepare your desired file.

* This service will add extra price to your order. Please clarify the prices with our staff.

5. What files can you send?

We recommend saving the files in PDF format. You can also send jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff, eps and png. If you are not sure that your files are suitable for printing, then send source files so our team can process them.

6. What colors should the files be?

You should always start and finish your projects in CMYK color mode.

If you send us an RGB file, a color difference may occur, and the printing may not match the colors of the file you uploaded.

7. What quality should the file have?

Low quality files won’t be send to printing. In that case, you will be warned about the options of submitting a new higher quality file or using our service. You decide how we should act. Such problems will hinder the task at the specified time.

8. How to handle cutting borders?

When making files, it is necessary to keep certain areas from the edges, as otherwise the product may be damaged during final cutting.

Please place all the texts within 5 mm from the cutoff section.

You can download our examples to make more accurate files.

9. Data verification

After uploading the files and marking the data, they will be displayed in the "Shopping Cart" where you will see the details and the price of the order. If everything is correct, you move on to the next step.

10. Delivery information

The information in this section is required to arrange delivery and contact you.

11. Completion of the order

After delivery info, you check all the information and orders are correct. Then choose the payment method.

1. When paying with Idram system, you will be logged into your Idram account and pay or

2. You make the payment to our courier

Once you place an order, it will appear in the orders section of your profile.

12. Order confirmation

When we get your order, our team will verify the compliance of the files and email your files for final approval. This is done to finalize the authenticity of the files with you.

Attention! Please click the "Confirm" button to move your order to the printing section.

13. Your order is ready

Once your order is ready, you will receive an email notification, after which you will only have to wait for our courier.

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